dear, girls’ generation

Hi, girls’generation you’ll never see this but i just wanted to share this somehow

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Yuri accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge 

I don’t think there is an outfit that will ever top this one for me.

TAENYYYY!!! Taeyeon and Tiffany were on opposite sides but Taeyeon went all the way over just to whisper in Tiffany’s ear. (taengsion@twitter)

68/100 of taeyeon ruining my life


“I am still a student. My classmates study really hard, so I feel like I should too. But they always say things like “You don’t have to.” “Aren’t you busy?” “Just give up, you have another way.” But I don’t think that’s right. There’s no reason for me to give up, I didn’t quit high school.” - Seo Juhyun